Career-discovery curriculum for 2021

Finally, content that's as up-to-date as our ever-changing world.

Put down the 20-year-old textbooks”

I hear from teachers over and over again that they need something new to guide these kids to 21st century careers. We built the FYG curriculum to do just that: bring the real world into the classroom.

Mike Smith

Co-founder, Find Your Grind

Motivational Speaker

Creator and Host of The Harbor by Jostens

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Students Are Begging for a New Discussion

Anxious Faces

The anxiety is real

Talk to nearly any high school student about their future careers and you'll hear it: the deep-seated fear of messing it all up. They're intensely interested in getting it right.

Happy Faces

Inspire honest conversation

Ditch the corny and cheesy activities. FYG lessons, prompts, and projects are structured in a way to elicit real, thought-provoking discussion with your students.

Lisa Bolton

Find Your Grind has taken my leadership class to a new level. The students are engaged from the beginning of the period to the end. The videos, presentations and the worksheets are presented in a challenging but fun way to which the students can relate and respond.

Lisa Bolton

Activities Director at Frontier High School

Curriculum Interface

It's All There for You

Find Your Grind is web-based and always being updated. Relevant career profiles, outlines, objectives, plans, handouts, presentations - by providing well-vetted and pre-designed content, the platform removes hours of planning and prep work. You’ll have more time than ever to focus on the important bit: teaching.

Adaptable to Your Schedule

Whether you've got a full semester or six weeks, we've created pre-defined hour variations that maintain the integrity of the curriculum. Or, forge your own path by picking and choosing individual lessons.



Including a capstone portfolio unit, all with attention-getters to set up topics to come


Pieces of

Complete with visuals, detailed teacher notes, handouts, etc.



No busy-work here - valuable individual exploration time


Deep-dive videos

With more added monthly, they show what it's really like to in the workforce.



Students will have time to synthesize through writing.



This portfolio will be a springboard into the real world.

Check it out:

Karen Roberts

My favorite part of the curriculum so far has been the personality profiles. Students were able to go look at parts of their personalities that they maybe didn’t realize they had. Then they could match these profiles with careers that align with their strengths and interests.

Karen Roberts

History/Leadership Teacher & ASB

Vista West High School

Unit Summaries


Find Yourself

Students will identify aspects about themselves that create their identity. They will begin to understand that they are made up of their strengths, weaknesses, threats, opportunities, and habits.


Find Your Options

Students will explore the Find Your Grind website and begin analyzing how the lifestyles featured on the website directly align with their personality attributes and future desires.


Find Your Grind

Students will utilize research databases to compile job duty, labor market data, earning power, and training requirements for careers associated with their desired lifestyles. In doing so, students will narrow down their list of possible careers into a concise list of focus careers.


Find Your Opportunities

Students will analyze their knowledge, skills, and abilities while comparing them to the needs of their desired careers. Students will be taught how to apply for a job and will complete a job application, resume, letter of application, and a mock interview.


Find Your Reputation

Students will evaluate their social media and digital footprints for safety and promotional purposes. Applying information from lessons within the unit, students will create the foundation for building a positive digital footprint for themselves.


Find Your Financial Protection

This unit is divided into sub-sections, all focused on money – Earn It (types of wages, deductions, and taxes); Store It (checking and saving account options); Spend It (credit and purchasing expensive items); and Manage It (budgeting & retirement).


Find Your Balance

Students walk through each level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and learn how stress and failure create obstacles in their lives. Students will end the unit by planning how they will impact a current issue in society.

Mindy Eggleston

The Find Your Grind curriculum is youth-friendly and visually rich. It encourages students to prepare for their futures by covering a broad range of themes. The ready-made materials use a variety of learning strategies and offer ample room for in-class discussion. I love it!

Mindy Eggleston

Business/Tech Teacher

Hillsdale High School

One More Thing

Exclusive, in-depth video interviews with dozens of professionals

Detailing what kind of lifestyle the career enables, typical career paths, advice for getting started, and day-in-the-life activities, these videos are the next best thing to an in-person job shadow.

Mallory Gregory

The FYG curriculum allows students to engage in their learning while still having a high standard for academic skills along with career-ready skills. After using the curriculum toward the end of this year, I can't wait to start next school year using it from day one.

Mallory Gregory

Advisor, Teacher

Waverly High School


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