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Sheela Mahdavi

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"Food heals." That's practically the mantra of nutritionist and school health aide Sheela Mahdavi. It's a philosophy that dawned on Mahdavi, a Los Angeles native, as a teenager when she was diagnosed pre-diabetic. Instead of relying on medication, Mahdavi began experimenting with how different foods made her body feel, notably swapping out processed or blatantly unhealthy items for fresher, more nutritious options.

These days, Mahdavi has the certification and scientific degrees to back up her passion, but passion is still a huge part of her career, especially when she's trying to communicate the benefits of better nutrition to elementary and middle school students in the Beverly Hills Unified School District. The presentation of ideas, she says, is as important as the content itself when trying to get young people to make positive changes in their lives. Habits like better nutrition stick through conceptual inspiration and excitement, not shame or guilt.

Here more about Mahdavi's journey with healing foods in the video above.

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