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Glenn Holmes

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Everyone knows professional athletes are some of most disciplined human beings in existence, but one benefit of being adjacent to that world is that same discipline permeating related fields as well. Glenn Holmes, for one, is able to practice what he preaches in private and group boxing sessions at the Box 'N Burn gym in Santa Monica, California.

Holmes wasn't exactly dodging Joe Frazier lefts and Thomas Hearns rights when he decided to quit his day job in marketing and coach in the fitness world full time, but it still felt like a huge risk. "It was scary," Holmes says, "but you've gotta rip the band-aid off." Ultimately, though, Holmes credits that all-in decision with a portion of his success. Whether you're the one working out or helping others to do it better, getting out of the desperate weekend warrior mode is what yields results. Hear more (and watch some skillful head movement) from Holmes in the video above.

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