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Angelov Farooq

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Dr. Angelov Farooq is a person of diverse interests, higher education degrees, and skills. But one thing is certain — he loves Riverside, California.

There's a way of looking at his interests in the large Southern California community as creating a roadmap for kids from happy, stimulating childhoods to a place of growth and success as young adults to giving right back to their community. As the vice president of the Riverside Unified School Board, Farooq helps govern a district with 50 public schools and a half billion dollars in funding to be allocated. Equity is his priority when thinking about Riverside students, helping them receive the same opportunities regardless of background or early ability.

Then, there's his other professional interest, EXCITE, a technology incubator in downtown Riverside where young people can originate and grow their own cutting-edge business ideas right there in town. It's not hard to imagine an inspired child coming out of the district into the incubator and then volunteering their time the way Farooq has right back to the community where he grew up.

Press play on the video above for Farooq's argument on why non-partisan local offices make the biggest difference in people's lives.

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