The Find Your Grind Podcast, Episode 2: Ikonick founder Mark Brazil on providing value

The Ikonick co-founder and entrepreneur talks about his tenacity, giving value, and going after what you what.

The Find Your Grind podcast is a weekly series hosted by our founders, Nick Gross, Natasha Gross, Mike Smith, and Luke “The Dingo” Trembeth. Each week, we speak with special guests on the first 10% of their personal journey, decisions that led them where they are today, and how they built their ideas from finding their grind. In this week’s episode, Nick Gross and Dingo sat down with Ikonick co-founder Mark Mastrandrea a.k.a. Mark Brazil.

An entrepreneur and a hustler at heart, Mark Brazil has been doubling down on his strengths since he was in high school. With an unclear life path but a determined attitude and hunger for knowledge, Mark took on every opportunity and built his experience leading him into creating Ikonick, today’s leading canvas art seller.

With a background in playing soccer competitively in school, Mark’s defining moments that taught him adversity was through times of trials or what he considered as “failures”. Facing rejection from not getting into a certain team to not being recognized as a high performing player, Mark consistently put in the work until his game became flawless.

Later, he would go into sales jobs learning how to take risks and teaching himself financial literacy and how to sell. Using his background in soccer and sales, Mark collected multiple experiences and build relationships throughout his life path that he would later use to catapult his business. He further goes in depth about his hustle mentality, how failures led him to perform his best, and why providing your value rather than having expectations is the best way to optimize your relationships and connections.

“They never come to you. Let’s make that clear. No one comes to anybody, you gotta go get it. That’s something that needs to be said in this whole entire thing. I think both relationships were based on one core ideology and that’s give value first and expect nothing.”

Today, Mark follows a strict morning routine that helps him perform at his highest frequency and has a follow through mentality that’s helped an extensive network throughout every industry. He’s ready to extend his value through speaking at conferences, provide inspiration and truth in his social channels, and mentors others to give back and do what he does best -- connect and optimize his relationships.

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