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The Find Your Grind App gives you a roadmap to discover who you are, where you're going, and steps on how to get there.


How it works.

  • Discover

    Hidden Skills & Potential

    through our assessments; before you know what your career options are, you need to understand yourself and the life you want to live. Through endless assessments, challenges and achievements, the FYG App helps users understand where their strengths, weaknesses and ambitions are, and matches them up with the people and career opportunities of today.

  • Match

    Core habits, strengths & traits

    with like-minded Mentors, lifestyles and careers. There's a world of modern and unconventional career paths out there; from The Business of eSports to The Art of Tattooing. Using real people and real advice, our app helps users understand what it takes to make a career out of their passion, and what to actually expect along the way ...the grind.

  • Explore

    Strategies, hacks & advice

    from thousands of videos and practical lessons from our experts to elevate your game. We've selected some of the worlds most talented misfits. The drivers of change. Because their story, could be what starts yours.



    Your one-stop-shop for all things events. Full schedule lists of all performances and speakers; detailed map with stages, vendors, retailers and all the essentials.


We explore some of the world's top brands and people to give users a look behind the curtains, highlighting the people, the struggle, the grind.

Rob Dyrdek

Ruth E. Carter

Ryan Sheckler

Amber Pankonin

Andrea Fohrman

Angelov Farooq

Anthony Hemingway

Brian Hammers

Bryce Blum

Charm la Donna

Cheri Rae Russel

Clay Alexander

Gabe Saporta

Jess Lowcher

54 Careers | 41 Mentors

Kevin Stirdivant

Shella Mahdavi

Suzy Ryoo

Thania Peck

Which lifestyle do you want to pursue? Not sure what's our there or what works for you? We'll help guide you to alternative lifestyles that suit your life. Find yours in five minutes with our free lifestyle assessment.

thrill seeker

Ryan Sheckler | Skateboarder


Ruth E. Carter | Costumer Designer


Rob Dyrdek | Entertainment Entrepreneur

entrepreneur | Entertainment Entrepreneur


Todd Feltman | Private Security


Suzy Ryoo | Venture Capitalist


Gabe Saporta | Music Manager


Mike "Typo" Basset | eSports Team Manager


Casey McPerry | Graphic Designer / Photographer


Charm La'Donna | Choreographer


Greg Cipes | Film & Television Actor


Cheri Rae Russel | Yoga Instructor


Angelov Farooq | Small Business Owner


Jim Tselikis | Restaurant Owner


Chris Loranger | eSports Team Manager

The FYG App provides modern day career aptitude tests and assessments to help you better understand your natural skill-sets and match you with career paths that have a personal purpose.

3D Artist

Animal Trainer

Chief Branding Officer


Concept Artist

Content Creator

Data Scientist



Entertainment Lawyer

Esports Athlete

Event Videographer

Fishing Guide

Graphic Artist

Hotel Event Manager

Media Buyer

Music Therapist

National Park Ranger

Personal Chef

Production Coordinator


Social Media Manager

Sound Designer

User Experience Designer

Yoga Instructor

Zoo Keeper

Stop asking what you want to be when you grow up
and start discovering who you can be.

The FYG Mobile App provides youth an alternative channel to interact, engage, and learn from modern day mentors and leaders based on real life scenarios.

No Filter. No Agenda. No Textbook.