About Find Your Grind

The Future Belongs To The Misfits

We're accelerating first steps to passion and career discovery, worldwide.

Find Your Grind's mission is simple:

To curate and help navigate the 21st century roadmap, enabling people to discover who they are, where they’re going and the first steps to get there.

FYG educational products, online discovery platform, and live events are accelerating connections to purpose and lifestyle discovery, worldwide. Our apparel and coffee endeavours grew out of the same mentality as our educational products: inspire youth to own their own identity, and their future. Finally, the FYG Foundation is helping bring to life radical dreams of positive change through experiential learning and connection.

For High Schools

Kids talking around laptops

Our high school curriculum changes the conversation around career exploration — asking students what kind of life they want to live, then guiding them to create it.

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Digital Experience

Charm La'Donna

Find Your Grind’s self-assessment and job shadow videos provide gritty details students really want to know, such as actual work hours and pay, risk of automation and the potential to work remotely.

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Live Events

Mike Smith and students at an event

By letting youth drive the programming, FYG creates the sickest live events across the country, focused on helping students find their purpose and leave a positive legacy.


Teenagers wearing FYG apparel

We've got Gen Z covered, head to toe. Find Your Grind's apparel brand grew out of the same mentality as our education curriculum: inspire youth to own their identity, and their future.

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Skate team

The Find Your Grind Foundation helps people find their purpose and turn their passion into reality. Since 2015, it has positively impacted a wide array of organizations and programs across the country — from music academies in Compton to a digital arts collective in Nebraska.

Made for Misfits, by These Misfits:

Nick Gross

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Nick is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, who founded Find Your Grind and serves on the board of The Gross Family Foundation. Nick drums for alternative pop rock band Half the Animal and is the founder of Gross Labs, The Noise Nest, as well as Big Noise.

Natasha Gross

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Natasha is the Executive Director of the Find Your Grind Foundation, which has created programs, workshops, and experiential learning opportunities to improve the lives of at-risk youth through the arts.

Mike Smith

Co-Founder, Chief Heart Officer

Mike is a sought-after motivational speaker, business coach, brand ambassador, author, host of The Harbor, and founder of three nationally recognized nonprofit youth organizations: The Bay, Skate For Change, and Rabble Mill.

The Dingo

Co-Founder, Chief Misfit Officer

Luke “the Dingo” Trembath is a former professional snowboarder and a leading voice in action sports world, whose experiences range from hosting high profile sporting events to starring in five seasons of Fuel TV's "The Adventures of Danny & The Dingo.”

Susie Harrison

Chief Growth Officer

Susie is a business development leader with nearly a decade of experience in fundraising, cultivating key partnerships, and managing brands. Before FYG, Susie was the Head of Strategic Partnerships with Pencils of Promise. She currently lives in New York City with her husband and is a big fan of being outdoors - especially when it involves skiing or hiking.

Ryan Ricenbaw

Chief Educator

As a career “educator”, Ryan has been a teacher and most recently a high school principal for the past 11 years. Ryan charts the course for all things education at FYG. If he isn’t at work, you can find him spending time with his family, studying for his doctorate, traveling or just killin’ it in the kitchen with Blue Apron.

Chris Mathew

Product Director

Chris's entire work experience has been around education: briefly a teacher in the US Peace Corps, then at an education-focused international non-profit, and then a manager of Jostens Renaissance Education. He has a bulldog named GARY! whose spirit animal is a rhino. GARY! is a good boy.

Drew Newlin

Manager, MSL

Drew's been Mike's right hand man for years and manages logistics for Find Your Grind. An avid skateboarder of nearly 20 years, he's right at home in the misfit culture propogated by FYG.

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